Coastal Hydraulics

About Coastal Hydraulics

Coastal Hydraulics has over 150 years of combined hydraulic and pneumatic experience. All work is click picdone in conformance with our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system (ISO Certificate ASR #2246). We can provide fast turnaround, especially for emergency repairs.

From repair on robotic air cylinders to work on huge industrial dredge cylinders, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Coastal Hydraulics, Inc. is expert in the fabrication, assembly, repair, refurbishment, rebuilding, maintenance, design, and replacement sales of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components for industrial and mobile equipment applications.


“We work with MarketVision on marketing and email campaigns for our cylinder manufacturing and repair services. Since we’ve been working with them, we’ve seen an 8% growth in that sector. They’ve helped us reach a lot of new end users and customers.

MarketVision has been in the industry a long time. They know the nomenclature, they know the products and the people, they’re very professional and they’re easy to work with.”

–Jeff Kenney, CEO/President, Coastal Hydraulics